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November 13, 2012

Bathroom Overview

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It’s easy to overlook your bathrooms when you prepare your home for sale. Bathrooms are an integral part of our everyday routine, and in our rush to get out the door, the stuff of our lives is usually left in full view. Potential buyers are more interested in a neat and tidy bathroom than they are in the artifacts of your morning preparations. They may correlate the condition of your bathroom with the care you’ve taken to maintain your home, and they could come to negative conclusions about the condition of your entire home based on the state of your bathrooms.

Make sure your bathrooms look like the ones you’d expect to find if you stayed at a nice hotel. You’d want the bathroom to be sparkling clean and fresh with no traces of any previous visitors. You’d be paying big bucks to stay at a nice hotel: Should a dirty bathroom be part of the package? Absolutely not! Homebuyers don’t want to envision it as part of their package either.

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