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November 12, 2012

Closets Overview

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Home buyers love a lot of storage space, and they appreciate homes that have well- equipped storage areas, linen cupboards and closets. Your closets should create added value even if your home is short on storage areas.

People tend to cram a lot of stuff into their closets and then forget how much stuff they really have. Out of sight is truly out of mind. More stuff gets thrown into the closets when unexpected guests arrive, and eventually those closets turn into nightmares of disorganization. When you’re selling your home, try to think of prospective buyers as invited guests who will open all of your closets every day until your home is sold. Intimidating, isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be, if you’re prepared. A few simple, though possibly time-intensive tasks can make your closets and storage areas look much more spacious.

Since you’re getting ready to move, now is the perfect time to sort, donate, discard and pack up excess items in your closets. A good rule of thumb is to remove at least half of what’s currently inside each closet. If you’re selling your home in spring, you won’t need your heavy coats or boots until next year. Likewise, if you’re selling your home in fall, your shorts and sandals can be put into storage.

Be brutal about things you don’t use, need or want. Does that white Saturday Night Fever suit still fit you? Could it be donated to a local high school theater group? Better yet, gather up all of your unwanted items and make a charitable donation that might net you a nice tax deduction as well. Many organizations will bring a truck to your door to pick up a substantial donation.

Once you’ve sorted, donated and packed up items that aren’t necessary for everyday use, organize the stuff you’ll be keeping. If your closets aren’t large, consider installing organizers, which will make a great impression with buyers. If your walls or shelves need a fresh look, apply a coat of white paint.

Good lighting inside closets is important because lighting will make your closets look larger and cleaner. Make sure the light fixtures are working and have the highest wattage bulbs in place. (Never exceed the recommended wattage for light fixtures because too-bright bulbs can be a fire hazard.)

Small details can make a big impact. Consider matching wooden hangers for clothes closets. Make sure all the hangers face the same direction. Color coordinate your clothing for a more uniform look. Hang shirts with shirts, pants with pants, skirts with skirts and so on. Purchase matching baskets or containers for smaller items and accessories you need to store in the closet. Baskets or containers create a custom look for existing shelving, and you can take the baskets or containers with you to your next home.

Keep as many items as possible off the floors of your closets. Being able to see the floor will make a closet look more spacious. By showcasing your closet space, you are adding value to your home. A little bit of effort cleaning up and clearing out goes a long way.

Make sure everything in your linen closet and food pantry is neatly arranged as well. In your linen closet, your towels should be uniformly folded and color-coordinated. Toiletries should be placed in baskets or covered containers or arranged nicely on the shelves. In your food pantry, turn canned goods so the labels face in the same direction and keep like foods together. Think like a grocer when you place items in your pantry and make it look like a grocery store’s display. These small details make a big impact on buyers.

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