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November 12, 2012

Lawn & Curb Appeal Overview

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Curb Appeal - Home Selling Tips

“Curb appeal” refers to the very first impressions buyers have upon seeing your property. People who drive through a neighborhood often will want to take a tour of a house that’s for sale on the basis of how nice it looks from the car. Make sure you present the exterior of your house in as good condition as the interior. In many cases, curb appeal can make or break the sale.

10 Tips for Top-Notch Curb Appeal

1. Maintain a regular schedule to water, mow, weed and edge your lawn.
2. If your grass is sparse, consider re-sodding areas as needed.
3. Keep your trees and hedges neatly trimmed. Consult an arborist to find out for best time of year to prune mature trees.
4. Freshly mulch all flowerbeds.
5. Seasonal flowers are a welcome addition, but consider any water-use restrictions in your area before you plant them.
6. If any part of the exterior of your house needs to be repainted or repaired, just do it!
7. Keep lawn art, toys and yard equipment out of sight. Neatly coil hoses.
8. Pressure wash your roof, driveway and sidewalk, if needed. Clean the exterior and interior of your windows, window screens and window tracks.
9. Keep your porch or entryway free and clear of unnecessary obstructions.
10. Place a simple welcoming wreath and one or two freshly potted plants in uniform pots on your front porch. A new un-personalized doormat is also recommended.

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