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November 12, 2012

Dining Room Overview

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Many people don’t use a formal dining room on a regular basis, and some even choose to use this room for another purpose such as a craft room, sewing room, office or children’s study area. If you have an eat-in kitchen or an active family, chances are good that you all eat where you can, when you can and that the daily meal at the formal dining table is a rarity. Yet there are always special occasions when family and friends gather around the dining-room table. Buyers will look at your dining room and imagine their own get-togethers, making this room one of the key features of your home.

If your home has a formal dining room, present this space as it was originally intended: for gracious meals. Buyers need to be able to see your home as it was designed, so you shouldn’t make them guess which room was meant to be the formal dining room. Buyers often can’t remember specific rooms in the many houses they’ve seen, especially if they didn’t see those rooms as they were intended to be used. They might remember having seen an office, if that’s how your dining room is being used, in a strange location, but they won’t remember that the office was a dining room. Showcase your dining room as a place for the wonderful meals the buyers will enjoy and the memories they’ll make in their new home.

If you don’t have the correct furniture for a dining room, beg, borrow, rent or buy a dining room set. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive. Leave the extensions out of the table since a larger table will limit your ability to showcase the dining room’s space, especially if the room is small. You only need to place four chairs around the table, unless the size of the room allows for a larger arrangement. If you have a large china cabinet, consider storing it or at least removing the hutch portion to open up the room.

If your light fixtures are outdated, you can purchase inexpensive new ones to instantly update your dining room. Remove outdated wallpaper and repaint personal paint choices with a warm neutral tone. Clean the light fixtures and all the nooks and crannies. A beautiful tasteful centerpiece, place settings or candlesticks can set the stage for a lovely inviting table and dining room. For safety reasons, don’t place flatware (especially knives) on the dining table.

Buyers will surely notice your dining room if you set the stage for them. Make this room look like a space in which buyers will want to have their own gatherings.

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