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November 13, 2012

Doors Overview

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Your front door will make a lasting impression on potential buyers because it will be one of the first things they’ll notice. The front door is like a smile on the face of your house, and the smile should be welcoming. The front door should be clean and in good shape. If the door needs to be painted, use a modern color that matches the color palette of your neighborhood. If the door is stained but weatherworn, it should be re-stained.

Look at the other houses in your neighborhood to determine what type of front door you should have. If most of the other homes have original wood doors, stick with that. If most of them have painted white doors, paint your front door to match.

Take a look at the wooden door frames around all of your exterior doors. These frames are notorious for absorbing moisture and rotting. If your door frames are in poor condition, repair or replace them now because the buyer’s home inspector will very likely discover this problem.

New doorknobs along with fresh paint and new kick plates can update the look of a door. Make sure that all of the locks lock easily and that the hardware is in good condition. Tighten any locks or hardware that’s loose. If some of the doors inside your house are difficult to close, the hinges might need to be tightened.

Clean all of the glass on your doors. Whether the glass is stained or leaded, large sliding panels or small window panes, it should sparkle. Another place where a Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® comes in handy is wiping down doors and doorknobs throughout your house. You’ll be amazed at how clean they’ll look and you might even save yourself a coat of paint.

Finally, if the insulation around your doors is cracked and peeling, replace it. New insulation is an inexpensive repair and one that definitely will be noticed by buyers who are looking at homes in very warm or very cold weather.

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