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November 13, 2012

Fence Overview

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Carefully inspect wooden fences for dry-rot and split planks. Look at your fence as if it were a piece of furniture outside your home. If it is damaged, weatherworn or shows signs of dry-rot, it may be best to replace the entire fence. However, there are economical ways to improve the appearance and condition of a fence that is in good shape. A fence can be sanded down, bleached and re-stained. If the fence is extremely weatherworn, forego the sanding and bleaching and just stain the fence with a solid color stain. These stains are very easy to apply and hide a number of imperfections in a tasteful way. It is worth the investment and is much less expensive than purchasing a new fence. If you decide to do this project yourself, be sure to apply the stain so it looks consistent, otherwise the fence could end up looking worse than it did originally. Do research and learn how to stain a fence properly. Pay particular attention to the weather conditions required to obtain the best results. Treat wooden decks and other woodwork in the same manner so all of these amenities complement one another.

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