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November 12, 2012

Furniture Overview

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Your furniture plays an important role in the sale of your home even through you’ll take your furniture with you when you move. Without furniture, buyers can become confused about the size, flow and scale of each room since there isn’t anything there for them to use as a reference point. Empty rooms actually appear smaller due to a lack of reference points. Fewer than 20 percent of buyers can see beyond an empty room. They need to see some furniture to help them envision their own furnishings in the same place and to define the purpose of each room.

We all tailor our homes and furnishings to our own needs and preferences. However, when we sell our home, we need to consider the buyer’s needs. If your furniture is worn, torn or outdated, consider covering your chairs and sofas with neutral-colored tasteful slipcovers. Worn wooden furniture can be brought back to life using Old English® Lemon Oil or Old English® Scratch Cover, which comes in both dark and light finishes and is easy to use. Be honest about the condition of your furniture. A hand-me-down sofa or chair from your grandmother won’t necessarily help to show the positive features of a room even if it’s the most comfortable seat in your house.

Excess furniture should be removed and stored. If you don’t have enough furniture to adequately showcase a space, borrow, rent or even purchase what you need. Shop secondhand stores for gently used items to fill the space. Many furniture rental companies have clearance centers that sell very nice but discontinued pieces at bargain prices. It’s worth shopping around, but don’t buy furniture that you’re not willing to move or you’ll end up with a lot of pieces that you’ll have to unload at a yard sale for a fraction of your initial investment.

When you showcase each room, try to find a focal point and build your furniture around it. Have a great window? Showcase it; don’t hide it. A beautiful fireplace? Don’t cover it up; highlight it with two club chairs and a coffee table. Float pieces away from walls to add interest and create conversation areas. Use area rugs to define areas, but make sure these rugs are in proper proportion to the furniture and space.

Determine the purpose of each room in your house, and showcase each room as it was originally designed to be used. If you’re using a bedroom for storage, return it back to being used as a bedroom. Lacking an extra bed? Purchase two inflatable beds and some file-sized cardboard boxes: six work well under a twin bed and nine under a full or queen. Get an inexpensive bed-in-a-bag and dress the bed. Of course, no one will be sleeping or sitting on this bed, but now you have an inexpensive solution to the problem.

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