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July 2, 2012

Ignore Details, Lose the Sale

Worn Hardware and Doors

Why Details are Important

Businesses get in trouble when they ignore small problems, according to author Michael Levine in his book, “Broken Windows, Broken Business: How the Smallest Remedies Reap the Biggest Rewards.”  Levine asserts that if a business is to succeed it has to pay attention to the smallest details or risk failure.

Home sellers also have to pay attention to the smallest details or risk failure. recently visited some sellers who were frustrated because their home hadn’t sold. They’d invested several thousand dollars in improvements, including a remodeled bathroom, rented a POD to store extra furniture, staged their home, improved their home’s curb appeal and more. They appeared to have done everything right, but it became clear that although they’d done 90 percent of what was needed, the other 10 percent included some important details that hurt the chances of their home being sold.

When you sell your home, focus on every little detail because, as Levine points out, ignored details have a negative impact on people’s emotions. When people weigh their feelings against logic, feelings win more than 80 percent of the time. If a home buyer’s emotions are negatively affected, he or she won’t want to buy your home-or at least not at your desired price.

Here are some examples of often-ignored details. Have some other examples you can share? Post them below.

Baseboard Problems:


 Missing Hardware:

Door Handles

Wall Marks:

Pencil Marks

Dirty Walls or Doors:


Bad Paint Jobs:

Bad Paint

Disorganized Closets:


Worn Hardware and Doors:

Worn Hardware and Doors

Ignored Patch Work: 

Patch Work

Un-staged Bathrooms: 


Sloppy Paint Jobs: 

Sloppy Paint

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Dan Eason
Dan Eason
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