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May 26, 2012

Introduction to SELLING SMART…


The Choice….

There are many things we do on auto pilot in our life. They require no planning, strategizing or implementation with thought. These things are usually things we do often, and after repetition it comes so naturally. These actions are often ones that are mandatory and others can not do for us. Such as showering, getting dressed, making breakfast, driving to work. Many people have reported they drive to work and don’t remember the actual drive. They have driven the route so many times it is done without thought.

Selling your home should not be one of these things we put on auto pilot. It goes against the grain of things we do well in this state. You do not sell your home often, you have not learned the process from repetition and it is something that can be done by others who are skilled, trained and can sell in their sleep, because unlike you and I, they do sell homes daily and with ease.

Not that I am saying your agent should sell your house on auto pilot, I am just saying that it is against the grain for you to effectively sell your home in this state of “without thought” action. So we have a choice…we can plan, strategize and implement with a conscious focused effort…or we can hire a professional agent to do it for us.

How do we make the choice? What ramifications are there if we make the wrong one? There are a lot of questions needed to be answered before we decide to sell our own house.

First we need to be honest with ourselves…

Do we have the SKILLS and TIME to research and compare our own property to others on the market? Can we find the information that shows us what the average house in the price range, location is selling for? Do we know the right questions to ask and can we interpret them correctly. Can we be objective to the condition of our own home, (often this is a very difficult task, as we tend to not see the flaws that we have lived with for years, and our vision is impaired by common place). Can we put together bits of information and put a process in place that will ensure we don’t miss any important steps in selling our home. Can we figure out the paperwork and what the roles are of everyone involved in the selling process? Do we have a lawyer we trust who can guide us through the process? Can we set up and implement a marketing strategy that we know will reach the buyers? Do we know what buyers are looking for? What can we do to make our house be that house they desire?

If we hesitated on any of these questions, or second guessed our capabilities to find the time to do this work, we need to look hard at the ramifications. What is the worse case scenario? The house does not sell? OR it sells for less than its value? Can we afford this to happen? Why are we selling? Is this a risk worth taking? Are we SELLING SMART?

Only YOU can answer. However, my recommendation is: if you can not do something on autopilot, than to EFFECTIVELY GET THE RESULTS, you have to plan, strategize and implement with careful thought out actions. If you do not have the skills or time to do this…hire someone who can!


About the Author

Angela Brooks
Angela Brooks
Angela Brooks-Osborne is a Marketing Coach and the owner of OTB Marketing & Design, a worldwide graphic and web development company whose team specializes in taking the project one thought beyond the design. OTB Marketing & Design is the developer of, a marketing site specifically for the staging industry. Angela is also the author of the ‘SUCCESS of Marketing’, a workbook used in business programs across North America. Her marketing technique, through coaching, teleclasses, and workshops have been instrumental in the growth of many small businesses since 2001. Angela’s experience includes: High exposure branding, product development, cross promotion, internet marketing, advertising, and course development.

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