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November 12, 2012

Lighting Overview

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People like rooms that are light and bright. A room that’s too dark isn’t inviting and will look even darker if buyers come to see your home at night. Day or night, make sure all the lights are on when your house is shown to buyers. If there are dimmers, keep them turned all the way up and ask your REALTOR® to show the buyers how the dimmers can be adjusted. The right lighting can give a room a warm welcoming feel. Floor and table lamps and high recessed lighting can create a nice mood.

You can update or improve light fixtures that are already in place inside your home by adding covers to hide exposed light bulbs. Sometimes, these covers come in the form of little lampshades. Adding them will make existing fixtures look more expensive.

High-hat fixtures can be used in the kitchen and bathrooms. Hollywood track lighting and big globe lights in bathrooms are no longer in demand and look cheap and uninteresting. These fixtures are inexpensive to replace, and doing so will bring a good return on your investment. If changing a fixture becomes complicated, you may need to hire an electrician. That’s a worthwhile expense to make this change.

If you decide not to replace your light fixtures, install the highest wattage bulbs that are recommend for your existing fixtures. (Don’t exceed the recommended wattage for each fixture due to the danger of fire.) Get rid of the dust and any bugs on the inside of all of your light fixtures, including those that are attached to fan lamps. And while you’re up there, dust off the fan blades.

Adequate attractive lighting is important because it makes a house seem bigger, and buyers want a light open home. If your house is being shown on a cloudy day or at night, high-wattage bulbs should bring in enough light to showcase your home. Light also creates a warm and ambient atmosphere, and its absence can create a very cold and sterile feeling.

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