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November 13, 2012

Neighbor Overview

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Your neighborhood plays an important role in the successful sale of your home. Location is a key factor for buyers, especially if your neighborhood is a top choice for buyers who are looking for a home in your area. How your neighborhood presents itself is important to buyers who drive up and down the streets. Are your neighbors’ yards well-maintained? Do their houses show pride of ownership? Are their fences in good shape? Or are the homes adjacent to yours in need of some TLC? What does the drive-up appeal of your neighborhood suggest to prospective buyers?

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood that reflects pride of homeownership, great! When you decide to sell your home, notify your friends and neighbors in advance so they won’t be completely surprised when the for-sale sign appears in front of your house. Explain to your neighbors that the successful sale of your home will reflect on the value of their homes as well. Getting your neighbors to understand this reality is easy.

Invite your neighbors over for a barbeque or a cup of coffee or speak individually with those with whom you feel comfortable. If you don’t know many of your neighbors, you might want to create a flyer to let them know about your move. Neighbors often are the first source of prospective buyers who may purchase your home even before the for-sale sign goes up. Neighbors may have friends or family who’ve been thinking about purchasing a home in your neighborhood, so by letting your neighbors know your home is for sale, you’ll be opening up a line of communication you otherwise wouldn’t have.

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