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November 13, 2012

Pets Overview

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Ideally, you should remove your pets from the premises while your home is being shown to buyers. If you can’t remove your pets, crate them or keep them out of the buyer’s way. Many people have allergies or a fear of animals even if they are the most gentle in nature.

If you have indoor pets, remove their food bowls daily, especially if those bowls are kept in your kitchen, until you return in the evening, or place them where they’re accessible for your pet, but out of the sight of buyers. You absolutely must clean your kitty litter box, hamster cage or bird droppings daily.

Conduct a daily “Poop Patrol” around the perimeter of your house. You wouldn’t want your new or freshly cleaned carpets to be stained or smelly if an unsuspecting buyer stepped in one of your puppy’s piles. (This disaster happens more often than you might think it would.)

No more beating around the bush. Before you leave your house for a showing, remember to hide the toilet: The buyers are coming!

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