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November 13, 2012

Pets Overview

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Pets are important members of many families, and their needs and safety must be considered when your home is for sale. Although you probably love your pets, that doesn’t mean buyers will love them as well. Allergies, fear, sanitation and culture aren’t only reasons why some potential buyers don’t have pets: They also could be reasons why they, and even some pet lovers, will pass on your house.

Even if your dog has never bitten anyone, it might decide to defend its territory if you’re not present when strangers come into your house. In your dog’s mind, it’s only protecting its domain and yours too; after all, that’s your dog’s job. Loud barking alone could scare away potential buyers before they even step onto your property. Continuous barking or squawking can be distracting and unnerving. Remember that buyers’ fears, beliefs and feelings towards animals are real and should be considered.

For those who have allergies, pet dander is truly a problem. If you are fortunate enough not to suffer from these types of allergies, you might not detect smells or allergens in your home; however, highly sensitive types will.

Professionally cleaning carpets where pets live is always recommended when a home is for sale. If your carpets are stained or threadbare, you should seriously consider replacement.

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