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November 13, 2012

Swimming Pools & Spas Overview

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Swimming pools and spas should always be clean, clear and sparkling. The pump, filter and heater should all be in good working order. Clean the spa cover and make sure it’s open when buyers look at your house. Collect a water sample and take it to be tested to make sure the chemicals are in balance. This simple task will solve a multitude of problems, and the test itself is usually free.

If the bottom of your pool has become yellowed, the pool should be drained and cleaned with acid. Green water can be treated with chemicals. Scrub the walls and bottom of the pool to dislodge algae and dirt, which can be removed by the filtering system. Repair any broken jets or cracked fixtures. The pool and surrounding area should be free of clutter, swimming aids, towels and toys. Turn on the pool’s lights, especially if buyers will see your home at night.

The area around the pool and spa are extensions of your home’s living space, so you should fix broken grills and replace outdated patio furniture. Don’t imagine buyers will overlook these items just because the pool or spa has captured their attention. Create an environment that reflects a lifestyle in which buyers want to envision themselves: Wouldn’t they like to enjoy a barbecue by the pool with their family and friends.

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