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November 13, 2012

Walls & Ceilings Overview

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It is important for walls and ceilings to be clean throughout your house. Make sure cobwebs aren’t lurking in corners and no stains are visible, especially on the ceiling. Ceiling stains will make buyers wonder whether there is or has been a leak in your roof. If there are old stains, you will probably need to repaint your ceilings. Use bright white paint to create an open and airy feeling. If you have popcorn ceilings, this material can be removed, but removal isn’t necessary, especially if other houses in your neighborhood also have these ceilings. Keep in mind, though, that popcorn ceilings can be tricky to paint.

Limit the amount of décor and number of pictures on your walls. Taking down some of your pictures will make your rooms appear larger. Patch and repair any visible damage to walls and ceilings. If light fixtures or window coverings have been removed, make sure all of the nail holes have been repaired. It’s especially important to repair cracks in walls and ceilings so buyers won’t assume your home’s foundation is damaged.

Cleaning your walls will make a big difference in the overall appearance of your house. A Magic Eraser® is the key to getting walls really clean and may save you the cost of a paint job. If you decide to repaint, choose a light neutral color. If you’re painting the walls and ceilings, paint the ceilings first so excess paint doesn’t spatter your newly painted walls.

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